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Swing It
Weave Aide
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Premium Hair Care

Welcome to a new quality-based hair care line specifically formulated for Weaves. I am so excited to bring you Weave Aide, a line of products specifically formulated to extend the life of synthetic and human hair. With 20 years experience as a hair stylist and marketer of ethnic products, I know how to satisfy the needs of consumers who wear weaves. I am confident that whatever your weave challenges are that Weave Aide has the solution. I thank you for visiting my site and trust you will enjoy the benefits of my products. These amazing products provide luster without separating natural hair from synthetic.

WI - 5 Item PrePack
Wig It 5 Item PrePack

Price: US$29.99

SI- Tresse Pic- 3
Three Pics for ten dollars.

Price: US$10.00

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The Best Brand Beauty Products for the LESS. Cosmetics, curling irons, ceramic dryers, remi human hair, celebrity wigs, human and synthetic wigs, hair extensions, professional hair products, fragrances, skin care, nail care, barber shears and more. Your unique beauty Mall. Free Shipping Available!!!

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